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What can we do?
·Only 1 thing we specialize:casual wear
  (Cotton、Linen & Ramie)

Are we trader or manufacturer?
·2 garment mills
·400 mordern garment machines,  annual output of
  garments is about 1,500,000pcs
·2 fabric mills
·1 million meters fabric monthly output.

Head Office
·The head office is located in Changsha,the capital of
  Hunan province.
·Hunan is in the center of China.It's about 1.5 hour air-way from Shanghai,Guangzhou or Beijing.


·ISO9001 Quality Control System
·400 different garment machines
·1,500,000 pcs annual output.
·1 sets of American Gerber CAD System


·500 automatic looms
·7,000,000 meters fabric of annual output
·500 automatic looms,annual output of fabric is about
  7,000,000 meters
·10,000 long yarn spindles and 10,000 short yarn   spindles,annual output 6,000 tons of ramie,linen,hemp
  yarn and thread from 4.5Nm to 50Nm.